The Game Changers, Vegan Diets, Foam Rolling, and Keto with Michael Hull (Episode 24)

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.Time Stamps.

0:00:54 In-depth book cover evaluation: predator diet plan edition

0:07:15 Feats of Strength

0:26:24 Film Review: ““ The Game Changers””


0:52:01 Research Roundup: Foam rolling and training

.Documents talked about: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

1:22:27 To Play United States Out: a follow-up on our discomfort conversation from Episode 22

1:29:53 Interview: Michael Hull from

1:30:03 Michael’’ s background and function at

1:32:08 Examine’’ s brand-new guide on ketogenic diet plans

1:34:14 What were the subjects that the authors disagreed about throughout the composing procedure?

1:36:29 Were any of the authors anti-keto or very pro-keto when the task started?

1:37:41 How do you specify a ketogenic diet plan?

1:38:39 What are the prospective advantages of embracing a ketogenic diet plan?

1:41:08 For a ketogenic diet plan, how low do carbohydrates require to be? Does it differ from individual to individual?

1:42:21 Does high protein consumption kick you out of ketosis?

1:45:09 How do you understand if you’’ re in ketosis or not?

1:50:35 Do you truly require to have high fat consumption, or is carbohydrate constraint adequate?

1:51:56 How excellent or bad is the adherence rate in keto diet plan research studies?

1:55:17 What are the possible disadvantages of a ketogenic diet plan? What micronutrients might be missing out on?

1:58:52 Do ketogenic diet plans have unfavorable impacts on cholesterol/blood lipids or loss of hair?

2:03:46 Is it possible to anticipate who will react fairly well (or badly) to a ketogenic diet plan?

2:07:11 Net carbohydrates versus overall carbohydrates

2:08:44 What are the results of keto on weight loss, muscle gain, and muscle retention?

2:16:02 What are the impacts of keto on physical efficiency?

2:24:01 Summarizing the results of keto

2:27:31 Is keto possibly useful for any conditions besides particular kinds of epilepsy?

2:34:52 Are there any applications for ketone supplements?

2:39:24 How popular are ketogenic diet plans?

2:45:55 Who is keto great for?

2:48:45 Where can individuals stay up to date with Michael online?

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