What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is actually more commonly known under its full term, which is the ketogenic diet. Although it is often referred to differently by different people, it has always very well known for being an extremely low carb diet. This is its main focus as an effective weight loss plan.

If the body is to lose excess weight, the keto diet focuses on where the body produces ketones in the liver which are eventually to be used as energy. The keytone’s in the body is where the name for this specific diet derived from.
So how does it work? Basically, when you consume something that high in carbs, the body will produce glucose as well as insulin. Not many know that glucose is actually the easiest molecule for the body to convert. This then makes it easy for the body to use this energy and as such this will be chosen over any other energy source the body may offer.

Then what happens is down to insulin. Insulin is produced in order to process the glucose in the bloodstream by making it travel around the body. As glucose is being utilised as a primary energy as previously mentioned, the fat in the body is no longer needed and will therefore be stored. Most people who are looking to lose weight do not want fat to be stored in the body, but they will continue to eat food that is high in carbs as they simply don’t know how all of the internal bodily functions operate. This is one of the main reasons why the keto diet is becoming increasingly popular.

Let’s take a typical day for example. A general diet that is high in carbohydrate will ensure that the body uses glucose as its main form of energy. But if we lower the intake of these carbs then the body will be induced into a state known as ketosis. Ketosis is a very natural process which the body initiates in order to help us survive when food intake is at its lowest.

Basically, the main focus of the keto diet is to trick the body into this metabolic state. It’s not a limit of food, but of carbohydrates that is the key to the keto diet. Most people actually feel fuller on the keto diet as they sustain their diet on meat such as chicken, turkey, lamb and beef and just avoid grains such as rice, wheat, pasta and bread. Eggs, milk and all other dairy products are allowed on the keto diet.

A small amount of carbs are permitted as the keto diet encourages you to enjoy leafy vegetable such as kale and broccoli. Many of those who have lived the keto diet say that they have experienced the same benefits which are increased energy, better skin, hair and nails, better concentration and of course weight loss.

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